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Why is this important?

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This three day course, normally a $27 value is free to new members of The Proud Path™. In this course, you will learn answer a vital question, "Why is this important?" In this ever-changing landscape of laws and court cases, I want to focus on you. I want to focus on your family, and how to have the strongest bond possible with your LGBTQ+ child. This course lays out the reasoning behind The Proud Path, and how it can strengthen your bond. Start your journey for FREE today and take a step closer to a happier family!


Don't know what to say to your LGBTQ+ child? That is totally normal! Together we can figure out the things to say and the time to say them to support your child.

Support Happiness

All parents say the same thing: "I want my child to be happy." Find out how you can support your child's happiness as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Learn Their Language

Young people are embracing the diversity of gender and sexuality. Learn how to speak with them, using the words they use, to better understand who they are.

Nathaniel strikes the perfect balance between empathy and expertise, with his guidance demonstrating both genuine kindness and a fundamental knowledge about issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Having seen Nathaniel work with students, many of whom are questioning their gender identities, going through the coming out process, or exploring their sexualities, I've seen firsthand his ability to make a difference and have an inspiring effect on those around him.

Louise Cohen-Silver Ph.D.

Private School Administrator, Fusion Academy

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