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The Proud Path founder, Nathaniel Gray, is an accomplished speaker with years of experience in theater, as a full time drag queen (yes, there are photos), work with the Anti-Defamation League as a trainer for students across New York, and as a policy maker with the New York State government.

His passion is to engage audiences, small and large, in a conversation about LGBTQ cultural awareness and empathy. Nathaniel has delivered his custom-made trainings on understanding the LGBTQ experience at large non-profits and universities like Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City and Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Work. He has spoken at educational conferences across the country to work with school staff (executive to teacher) on making their classrooms accepting and supportive of LGBTQ students. Most recently, Nathaniel has spoken at multiple state conferences and convenings for New York State foster care professionals focused on educating the system to better work with LGBTQ kids in out-of-home care.

What are you hoping to get from this partnership?

Do you hope to improve outcomes? Is this in response to an incident? Do you need a facilitator or a consultant? Let Nathaniel know exactly what you’re goal is, and he will help you achieve it.

How does an LGBTQ consultant help you?

Meet contract goals and outcomes with an expert in LGBTQ work within nonprofits and grants
Strengthen the diversity work of your organization to meet LGBTQ staff needs and expectations
Conceptualize new and innovative programming for your organization’s LGBTQ population

I found this training EXTREMELY relevant in an immediate sense, since I met one-on-one with a client later that afternoon, who is just beginning the coming out process to certain people (friends, teachers, program participants). As my client directed our conversation, he echoed some of the exact things that Nathaniel touched on in the training, particularly friends/peers asking him when and how “he knew” he was gay, and also trying to navigate negative, hurtful stereotypes he often hears, many of which are sexual in nature. I hope that I was able to help him sort through the anger and confusion he was at least feeling in that moment, and found many of the ways Nathaniel directed training an extreme aid in the way I spoke to, and listened to, my client . His behavior in program was SIGNIFICANTLY different following our conversation (engaging in discussion, answering questions, not on his phone), and I hope that he begins to find open, supportive communities in program and here in NYC as he grows to see how unique and wonderful he is.

Thank you Nathaniel!

Social Worker

Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC

Why is Nathaniel the speaker for your organization?

Because this stuff is uncomfortable! It doesn’t matter if it is working with one family in a living room or 500 helping professionals at a conference, it makes everyone just a bit uncomfortable when we start learning new terms around gender, or talking about body parts and physical attraction.

Nathaniel brings humor to all of his work, and a levity that clears the room of the fear, and replaces it with excitement for how this new information will literally save LGBTQ children’s lives. Nathaniel consistently receives 4-5 stars for his conference workshops evaluations, and is most often told how refreshing his take on this work is at a time when so many adults are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Want to know a secret? We ALL say the wrong things sometimes! It’s how we recover that makes all the difference. Book Nathaniel today for your next conference, employee function, or educational summit to move past the fear and into supporting the LGBTQ community.

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